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MechWarrior Online Description

The year is 3049 and a massive interstellar war has just broken out... You must rise to the challenge and climb in your powerful battlesuit to take on players from around the world!


MechWarrior Online is a free-to-play, client-based online game which lets you take control of some of the most powerful machines you have ever seen and take to the battlefield. You must master your mech and upgrade it as you progress in order to become the ultimate warrior in the war.

In MechWarrior Online, not only will you have to fight to survive, you will have to fight to become better. As you take on more enemies in battle, you will earn experience. This will allow you to upgrade your mech with new weapons, armor and other upgrades. Some of these small, seemingly insignificant changes could mean life or death out on the battlefield. The mosre powerful your mech warrior robot becomes, the easier it will be to take on opponents in fast-paced action battles. Keep in mind that once you reach new ranks, however, you will be matched with veteran players rather than newbies that have just joined the MWO universe.

In addition to PvP combat, there are other game modes in MechWarrior Online. You can team up with your friends to take on the Conquest modes or VS mode. Both of these offer you new ways to fight and create new strategies as you fight onward.

MechWarrior Online features a dynamic world. This means, as you fight the good fight, the universe around you will be changing. Some exploits will immediately change the world around you or you may see changes in the daily updates. Either way, your story is constantly changing and you have the chance to make it a legendary one. One thing will always stay true, though: There will always be other players, looking to take you on in deathmatch shooter battles online, no matter which server you decide to join.

In MechWarrior Online you must take the controls of your own battlesuit and take to the arena. Alongside friends or alone, you must face other players from around the world. Upgrade your weapons, armor and more in order to be the best pilot around!

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